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MTH 6 Bifold Leather Wallet SCH

MTH 6 Bifold Leather Wallet SCH

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What more do we need in our wallets? An extra pocket? An extra slot or just extra style. Our bifold Wallets come with all of them now. Two separate Cash Chambers, four hidden card slots integrated into the cash separator, and two vertical card/note slots in front.

Made out of our premium leather, the  MTH 6 Bifold Leather Wallet SCH is the perfect minimal, functional, and elegant combination. Thanks to its increased scratch resistance, this luxurious everyday carry doesn’t require a lot of pampering. And the matching edge painting gives the wallet its ultimate sleek and uniform look.

  • Hand sewn
  • Natural leather
  • Practical function design
  • High-quality craftsmanship and fashion vintage style
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